Being the Change

Soon after Tootle’s soft launch through mostly social media, it has been graced by the voices of youth. A number of enthusiast bloggers, students and its avid users have been keen on sharing their verdict about the product in blogs, social media and newspapers.

Tootle is not a new concept in terms of business model but in terms of its integration in Nepal it is definitely an advanced and a fresh concept. After contextualising the product for the market inside Kathmandu valley, it has transformed as a unique product even in terms of business model. This is why at its earliest phase, it gained a lot of public attention on its own. People were much excited about the concept of point to point easy travel at a tap.

Tootle is slowly emerging as the voice of the mass especially of the youths. People who are grieved by the daily commute problem believe this could bring a positive transformation in the point to point travel segment inside valley. This is a happy news for Tootle since it aspires to become a people’s brand.

A team of Media Studies at Kathmandu University School of Arts see Tootle not just as a ride sharing service but an opportunity to bring a change by becoming the pioneer’s in adapting new ways of doing things- Here, adapting technology in daily commute. Basically, the team portrayed the service in a simple and beautiful way highlighting change.

The story builds up around two young people with a narrative of frustration of the minimal opportunities present in the country. The scenario then connects to the lack of perception towards looking at opportunities present. The plot is then directed towards the new beginnings and the opportunities it pursues. The story ends with a hopeful note that you, me and each one of us can be the change agents and here with Tootle because it vouches for bringing a change together as it stands for “Together we move”



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Ride-sharing networks could reshape the future of urban mobility. This initiative will explore new mobility paradigms for the 21st century, building on both parties’ data and analytics strengths.“ I recognize sharing as the critical element in enabling on-demand mobility systems to deliver benefits to riders, drivers, and cities,” With self-driving bikes (cars may follow)taking to the road, sharing could potentially increase significantly. A shared self-driving car or bike could give you a lift to work in the morning and then, rather than sitting idle in a parking lot, provide a ride to someone else in your family — or to… Read more »