Tootle tells you why you should share a ride.

Sometimes when you share a ride, you might get an opportunity to bond with the person over topics like new year’s plan, hectic traffic or the best place in ktm to grab a plate of momo. If you are lucky you might just get a grateful smile from that person because you helped someone reach their destination faster and it makes your day after a long time. It is like these moments of feeling when you feel connected with the community you live in, these moments that create inspirations to each other. ”

Carpooling was never a new concept; it was there a long ago. However, the 2015 Nepal blockade unfolded the beauty of carpooling. It seemed like people were waiting for a ride sharing opportunity and blockade just triggered it.

Even after the blockade ended, there was a race of opinions regarding why the ride sharing had to stop? Why couldn’t it continue? The ride sharing stopped because there wasn’t a mechanism to control the ecosystem. What if there was something that handled the ecosystem at just one tap away?

So you know there are people going your way, some are getting late, some are hanging partly in the congested public vehicle, some are walking in the scorching heat and dust and you are riding alone because it is too difficult just to offer. You are doubtful what if asking makes you annoyingly good or maybe you think it will just kill your time. What if there is a platform where your ride is managed safely and you earn out of it too? Wouldn’t everyone feel dignified? Moreover, the road of Kathmandu already holds more vehicles than its capacity. Ride sharing could also be a way of capacity utilization.

Hence, Tootle a ride sharing application to match you with drivers or client going your way.

Summarizing, ride sharing offers you adventurous experience. It ends up making you feel good and oh yes earning a little money is no harm for sure. Now, tell us why wouldn’t you share your ride?


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