Entrepreneurship is a way of expressing myself

I started working in the telecom industry at the age of 22. I was fortunate enough to be working on the cutting age telecom technology as an engineer and was fascinated to witness how technology could connect lives right in front of my eyes, more importantly I was a part of the team that engineered this change.

Working at United Telecom Limited, I learnt the passion of working in a start-up telecom company, the mission of establishing the first private telecom company drove me and my colleagues work that extra hour, or climb that 50 meter tall tower while the sun was baking down, or drive around city for 12 hours collecting coverage data. Whatever I did, everything was new, I then realised how fascinated I was doing something new and something exciting. However, the excitement faded away as the organisation became bigger, with more people and structures in place, but the quest for work where I could express myself continued.

After Seven years of working in telecom, I transitioned working in a bank, where I was offered with a job working on mobile money, it had all the ingredients of being part of something that was being tried for the first time in Nepal, the passion once again kicked in and I found myself again in a sweet spot, however, once again, the bureaucratic structure of the financial structure of the financial institution stood in my way and my quest to express myself. I decided to move on, As I was still searching for something with which I could fully express myself.

Growing up, I never wanted to become an entrepreneur, I confess, I didn’t even know what entrepreneurship was, my family was happy that I had a good job and a great career lined up for me till my retirement. However, I wanted to do something for myself, the need wasn’t triggered by greed of making huge money or odd media interview, but rather a need to express myself fully, where I and only I would be accountable for the products we would create. tootle, therefore, is me and my team’s way of expressing themselves. The small nuances in the app, the design features, the brand, the blogs, the culture at work and the values that we are driven by is nothing but like a piece of music or art created by musicians and artists to express themselves. Entrepreneurship, Therefore, for me is my expression, Its a way by which I express myself!!


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My plea to the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, would be to hand over the governance of Traffic management to Tottle. How tootle can improve traffic, save money , and help the environment! Transportation studies put the annual cost of congestion at $160 billion, which includes 7 billion hours of time lost to sitting in traffic and an extra 3 billion gallons of fuel burned. “Ride- services like Tootle have enormous potential for positive societal impact with respect to congestion, pollution, and energy consumption,” “It’s important that we do everything we can to explore ways to make these transportation… Read more »