Top 6 big moments of Tootle, who just turned 1

Tootle turned one on 1st Jan 2018. Looking back at 2017, the year was quite an adventure. This episode was all about growing and learning. Few things did go according to plan while most of it was an iterative process. Going forward, we want to appreciate the big small moments of Tootle in 2017 so here is the list of things we want to take a note of:


We got our first revenue

Early in 2017, we received our first revenue which was a top-up of Rs. 500 from a female client. As a result of excess exhilaration (which was obvious), we framed it. It still stands tall in our little space.

Here it is,


Our logo got revamped

Three days in February and we set on a brand manifesto making for Tootle. What we did not want was colors that faded or words that got tired. Hence, we refined, defined and revamped our logo to a new one.

In the process of creating a brand platform, we crafted our brand promise which is the words we live by- The freedom to move!

Logo transformation as it is,


16 in the team

Starting from a team of four, we are now Sweet 16. Few dear ones left on their new journey while few others joined in to synergize. Our team is youthful and yes 100% local.

The colorful composition here,


We went global (kinda!)

Apex point of 2017 for Tootle was winning local competitions as the best startup in Nepal to represent in two international platforms namely Slush GIA and Seedstars World.

Sneak peak of the event,


We got surprised by a Tootle partner

Surprise! Ukesh Lohala, our enthusiast Tootle partner amazed us by showcasing the partner spirit in him. He merchandised his rider jacket himself with our logo and hashtag as #iamyourtootlepartner

Ukesh here in his style, ready for a Tootle ride.

PS: Keep calm ‘cause Tootle’s got your back.


We tamed technology towards accessibility

In the year 2017, we reached a point where the client who has taken the highest number of rides was a visually impaired person.

Honestly, at the beginning, we did not expect we would be able to create an impact so big, so quick. But we did, so we tamed our technology more towards accessibility and we are growing more in that aspect. Impacts like these are what keeps us going.

Santosh Sapkota, happily making a Tootle booking here,

We hope to unfold more memories and surprises this year. Happy Birthday Tootle and Happy new year to you all.


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Lovely jobs


Thank You so much for the appreciation.