New changes in Tootle app- Make a booking in 3 steps now.

Tootle announces a new update in Tootle client app with improved UI/UX. The primary purpose of this is to minimize the steps of making a booking while also optimize user experience via seamless booking which implies that you can simply navigate around the map to set your pickup and drop location.

Previously, the minimum clicks required to make a Tootle booking was 6 while with the new version, you can make a Tootle booking in just 3 steps. The steps to make a Tootle booking are detailed in the Tootle tour section of the app.

Screenshot of Fresh Tootle UI


Tootle has also addressed feedback from users to display their frequent location in the pickup/drop fields. Furthermore, contextualized location filters are added.

Tootle team has been very driven when it comes to taking care of user experience. The first fruits of those efforts is reflected on the new update. However, the first element of release is staged rollout which is the process of deploying this feature to small portion of Tootle clients. At this time, we are only deploying this feature to 20% of our android users. So, clients who have not yet received an update, please be patient, its on the way.

For feedback on the new UI/UX write to us at tootle.today@gmail.com


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