• 2017

    Freedom to travel with Tootle!

    Aren’t we concerned about our safety while travelling around Kathmandu?

    In Kathmandu, we have been facing problems with trusting the public transport regarding its safety, the unreliable drivers and the fickle fare rates. Everyone should be able to travel freely without any fear or discomfort, especially women. Aren’t we tired of having to figure out how to go to work, get back home or even hang out with friends?

    Tootle is here to solve our problem with just a click of a button!

    Tootle is an android application, which ensures that you never have a problem while travelling again. This ride-sharing app guarantees that every single driver that you are assigned to is fully trusted; it tracks all of your daily rides so that you are fully satisfied. You will certainly not have to worry about being lost or not being able to find a taxi, it will reach at your doorsteps within minutes.

    Not only convenient but the Tootle fare prices are very transparent. The client is able to view their price rates before confirming the booking. It is definitely cheaper than taking a taxi. Moreover, it is useful for personal benefits such as time management and easy accessibility.

    I myself had problems trying to figure out a secure way to move around the Kathmandu Valley. Tootle has made it very easy for me to get to places and also experience the local traditional life of Nepal. Each ride for me was a new adventure without having to worry about my safety, as a girl travelling alone.

    To know more about the product visit: http://tootle.today/