• 2018

    New changes in Tootle app- Make a booking in 3 steps now.

    Tootle announces a new update in Tootle client app with improved UI/UX. The primary purpose of this is to minimize the steps of making a booking while also optimize user experience via seamless booking which implies that you can simply navigate around the map to set your pickup and drop location.

    Previously, the minimum clicks required to make a Tootle booking was 6 while with the new version, you can make a Tootle booking in just 3 steps. The steps to make a Tootle booking are detailed in the Tootle tour section of the app.

    Screenshot of Fresh Tootle UI


    Tootle has also addressed feedback from users to display their frequent location in the pickup/drop fields. Furthermore, contextualized location filters are added.

    Tootle team has been very driven when it comes to taking care of user experience. The first fruits of those efforts is reflected on the new update. However, the first element of release is staged rollout which is the process of deploying this feature to small portion of Tootle clients. At this time, we are only deploying this feature to 20% of our android users. So, clients who have not yet received an update, please be patient, its on the way.

    For feedback on the new UI/UX write to us at tootle.today@gmail.com

  • 2018

    Top 6 big moments of Tootle, who just turned 1

    Tootle turned one on 1st Jan 2018. Looking back at 2017, the year was quite an adventure. This episode was all about growing and learning. Few things did go according to plan while most of it was an iterative process. Going forward, we want to appreciate the big small moments of Tootle in 2017 so here is the list of things we want to take a note of:


    We got our first revenue

    Early in 2017, we received our first revenue which was a top-up of Rs. 500 from a female client. As a result of excess exhilaration (which was obvious), we framed it. It still stands tall in our little space.

    Here it is,


    Our logo got revamped

    Three days in February and we set on a brand manifesto making for Tootle. What we did not want was colors that faded or words that got tired. Hence, we refined, defined and revamped our logo to a new one.

    In the process of creating a brand platform, we crafted our brand promise which is the words we live by- The freedom to move!

    Logo transformation as it is,


    16 in the team

    Starting from a team of four, we are now Sweet 16. Few dear ones left on their new journey while few others joined in to synergize. Our team is youthful and yes 100% local.

    The colorful composition here,


    We went global (kinda!)

    Apex point of 2017 for Tootle was winning local competitions as the best startup in Nepal to represent in two international platforms namely Slush GIA and Seedstars World.

    Sneak peak of the event,


    We got surprised by a Tootle partner

    Surprise! Ukesh Lohala, our enthusiast Tootle partner amazed us by showcasing the partner spirit in him. He merchandised his rider jacket himself with our logo and hashtag as #iamyourtootlepartner

    Ukesh here in his style, ready for a Tootle ride.

    PS: Keep calm ‘cause Tootle’s got your back.


    We tamed technology towards accessibility

    In the year 2017, we reached a point where the client who has taken the highest number of rides was a visually impaired person.

    Honestly, at the beginning, we did not expect we would be able to create an impact so big, so quick. But we did, so we tamed our technology more towards accessibility and we are growing more in that aspect. Impacts like these are what keeps us going.

    Santosh Sapkota, happily making a Tootle booking here,

    We hope to unfold more memories and surprises this year. Happy Birthday Tootle and Happy new year to you all.

  • 2017

    Tootle Triumph, a step closer to Global Seedstars Summit

    Shortly after winning Slush GIA 2017 and gearing up to join change makers in Helsinki, Tootle bags another victory. Tootle wins the local competition of Seedstars world namely Seedstars Kathmandu 2017 held on 23rd October 2017 organized by Microsoft Innovation Centre Nepal in partnership with UNDP.

    Out of 61 applicants, 8 best startups in the seed stage made a pitch infront of an investment panel. The highlight of the event was Tootle being crowned as the winner. Tootle now gets to join the global seedstars family and take part in the Regional Summit in Thailand and Global Seedstars Summit which takes place in Switzerland every year, to network and compete with international startups for a cash prize of $1 million.

    Congratulations to the entire Tootle team.

    Photo Credits: @UNDPNepal

  • 2017

    Tootle makes it to Slush

    The Slush Global Impact Accelerator Pitching Competition  was held on August 17, 2017, at KUSOM in collaboration with University of Oulu from Finland hosted by Young Innovations.

    Tootle took part in Slush Global Impact Accelerator Pitching Competition .The pitching competition is a platform for Nepalese entrepreneurs, with products in the early stage that have proven market potential and strong prospects to reach out to a wider audience, create global impact and have solution that supports the sustainable development goals (SDGs). There were about 15 participants, young and innovative minds in the pitching platform.

    Tootle presented the idea and impact it had made so far in the field of sharing economy. Besides meeting various innovative minds in the event, the crowning moment of the day was Tootle being chosen among one of the three contestants to proceed onto the next round and join change-makers from around the world in international boot camp at Slush Global Impact Accelerator in Helsinki, Finland.

  • 2017

    Happiness is Tootling!

    Two enthusiastic Tootlers, Gunjan and Sagun share their happiness about Tootling.

    Gunjan, who is also a founder of Katha Ghera (a playback theatre) thinks Tootle is convenient because it gives her a ride at her doorsteps. She compares the other means of transportation and opines that Tootle has a fair pricing that way. She has experience of getting to places early from Tootle since it helps her beat the traffic. She advises all the tootlers to carry a mask and helmet for safety. Gunjan has taken 26 rides from Tootle already.

    Sagun, a storyteller at Karkhana has taken only 3 rides and she is all ready to Tootle more in the future. So far her experience with Tootle has been really nice. She finds Tootle partners very respectful and kind. She discovers Tootle as very comfortable compared to the discomfort in public vehicles. She mentions the respect she wanted to express back to the nice Tootle partners.

    More in their own words below:

    Gunjan Dixit in her words.


    Sagun Sharma in her words.


    Want to share a story about Tootling? Do write to us at tootle.today@gmail.com  

  • 2017

    Being the Change

    Soon after Tootle’s soft launch through mostly social media, it has been graced by the voices of youth. A number of enthusiast bloggers, students and its avid users have been keen on sharing their verdict about the product in blogs, social media and newspapers.

    Tootle is not a new concept in terms of business model but in terms of its integration in Nepal it is definitely an advanced and a fresh concept. After contextualising the product for the market inside Kathmandu valley, it has transformed as a unique product even in terms of business model. This is why at its earliest phase, it gained a lot of public attention on its own. People were much excited about the concept of point to point easy travel at a tap.

    Tootle is slowly emerging as the voice of the mass especially of the youths. People who are grieved by the daily commute problem believe this could bring a positive transformation in the point to point travel segment inside valley. This is a happy news for Tootle since it aspires to become a people’s brand.

    A team of Media Studies at Kathmandu University School of Arts see Tootle not just as a ride sharing service but an opportunity to bring a change by becoming the pioneer’s in adapting new ways of doing things- Here, adapting technology in daily commute. Basically, the team portrayed the service in a simple and beautiful way highlighting change.

    The story builds up around two young people with a narrative of frustration of the minimal opportunities present in the country. The scenario then connects to the lack of perception towards looking at opportunities present. The plot is then directed towards the new beginnings and the opportunities it pursues. The story ends with a hopeful note that you, me and each one of us can be the change agents and here with Tootle because it vouches for bringing a change together as it stands for “Together we move”


  • 2017

    Tootle tells you why you should share a ride.

    Sometimes when you share a ride, you might get an opportunity to bond with the person over topics like new year’s plan, hectic traffic or the best place in ktm to grab a plate of momo. If you are lucky you might just get a grateful smile from that person because you helped someone reach their destination faster and it makes your day after a long time. It is like these moments of feeling when you feel connected with the community you live in, these moments that create inspirations to each other. ”

    Carpooling was never a new concept; it was there a long ago. However, the 2015 Nepal blockade unfolded the beauty of carpooling. It seemed like people were waiting for a ride sharing opportunity and blockade just triggered it.

    Even after the blockade ended, there was a race of opinions regarding why the ride sharing had to stop? Why couldn’t it continue? The ride sharing stopped because there wasn’t a mechanism to control the ecosystem. What if there was something that handled the ecosystem at just one tap away?

    So you know there are people going your way, some are getting late, some are hanging partly in the congested public vehicle, some are walking in the scorching heat and dust and you are riding alone because it is too difficult just to offer. You are doubtful what if asking makes you annoyingly good or maybe you think it will just kill your time. What if there is a platform where your ride is managed safely and you earn out of it too? Wouldn’t everyone feel dignified? Moreover, the road of Kathmandu already holds more vehicles than its capacity. Ride sharing could also be a way of capacity utilization.

    Hence, Tootle a ride sharing application to match you with drivers or client going your way.

    Summarizing, ride sharing offers you adventurous experience. It ends up making you feel good and oh yes earning a little money is no harm for sure. Now, tell us why wouldn’t you share your ride?